June 2016

Very much enjoying getting back into teaching and composing also. Composing my 12th technique course for pupils and starting some new pupils this term which is great, some beginners and some pretty advanced. A good variety.

Also trying to understand ‘royalties’ as I have done some music for Pitch International ‘Sporting Greats’ and am owed royalties. I am looking at hopefully getting into library music as my piano music seems very appropriate to this and specifically my cd ‘shush little one’ I believe has great potential to be used in many different ways. So it is finding the time in my very busy life to start this new venture.

As usual our little girl surprises us every day. She is amazing.

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Spring 2016

I tweet so much more than I write here so I guess I somehow need to link twitter and here – yet another thing to try to understand! It used to be just me a piano students music and manuscript paper….

Anyhow, it’s lovely that the sun has properly arrived in London and I had a very enjoyable ‘come and Sing’ day with The Bach Choir on Saturday, singing Bach’s B Minor Mass – a masterpiece and hard to understand how a voice is expected to sing all those notes! Concert is at RFH on Sunday 5th June and it will be fabulous.

Aim this Spring is to find someone to sort out the mountain of stuff I need to do and understand relating to computer and web issues… Tedious but once it is done my life will be a lot easier!

My daughter sings constantly with me and just loves music and dancing. It’s a joy to watch.

That’s it for now as I need to contact someone about a computer problem……

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Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to all and I hope 2016 is as kind and healthy and happy as can be. For me I am looking forward to getting back into teaching and hoping to grab more time for composing and playing. Most importantly though watching our 2 year old grow day by day is amazing.

Next concert with The Bach Choir is Beethoven’s Choral Symphony and rehearsals are back tomorrow – great!

Can’t quite believe how quickly Christmas flew by and that we are now in 2016.

I have just a few New Years resolutions but I won’t say them out loud. They are achievable though and will make me a better person.


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November 2015 – A bit behind!

Oh dear it’s been a long time since my last post, mainly as I tweet rather than post, but am sure that is something I can link that is another technical thing to put on the long list of things to try to understand…. My 2 yr old will be ahead of me at this rate, and that’s not hard. Talking of her she is another reason why I’ve not posted for ages. She takes up a lot of time and though challenging, being a Mum is the best thing ever. She surprises me every day. And is full of joy and innocence and interested in everything and everyone.

So professionally I’m very behind.

Teaching 2 days a week whilst daughter goes to nursery.

Very exciting concert tonight with The Bach Choir at St Paul’s Cathedral with John Rutter and most importantly one of my favourite pieces of all time ‘Mozarts Requiem’. It boggles the mind how he churned out so much ridiculously good music in such a short time.

And with that in mind I’m off to get my outfit and music ready and can feel pleased with myself that I’ve posted today….!

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Happy New Year to all! I had the best Christmas ever as in October I became a Mum to a beautiful 14 month old daughter and Christmas was very special for my husband and I. I’ve had to leave my pupils stranded for a term but am back teaching part time week after next and looking forward to seeing them and working again though I’ll miss spending so much time with my daughter.

I’m having a music studio built in the garden in February which is very exciting and will be teaching and composing and playing from there. Really looking forward to it and generally looking forward to finding some time again to get back into composing and finding some more work. Just before our daughter arrived in October I did music for a short ad for ‘The Box’ which was fun working with a good friend, James Grubb, graphic designer. That will be up on my website ‘composer’ page imminently.

As always looking forward to singing with The Bach Choir and next concert is 4th Feb, RFH, Carmina Burana.

Hope 2015 is kind to all and a happy one!