Jill trained at the Royal Academy of Music and has since become an accomplished pianist composing and playing as an accompanist and chamber musician. She has also developed as a piano teacher helping young beginners flourish as they engage with the instrument for the first time learning technique and to read music to working with adults who want to advance at a swift pace with an intensive course.

Jill teaches from her home in Stroud Green, North London. Lessons can be taken in person or virtually via Skype and Zoom. She has been teaching mainly online lessons since March and for many of her pupils it is a vital contact weekly and keeps the brain active!

30 Minute Lesson £30

Short sessions work best for young children where the focus is on learning to read music and become familiar with the Piano, whilst having a lot of fun exploring the world of music.

45 Minute Lesson £44

A 45-minute slot is most useful for advanced young people or adults.

Jill is flexible with the focus of these sessions and, whilst the emphasis is alway to improve, the structure can follow traditional grades and exams or Jill is always eager to work on a specific repertoire or style with a student.

1 Hour Lesson £60.50

With a structure similar to the 45 sessions these hour lessons are designed for those who wish to focus for a longer period or advance more quickly with an intensive style of learning.

The Adult Intensive Piano Course £300 

Jill put together The Adult Intensive Piano Course after meeting a lot of adults who want to explore playing the piano or revisit lessons they took when they were young but are put off by the prospect of having to invest a lot of time in lessons, something, adults are notoriously short of.

This course takes place one to one with Jill but there is the possibility for lessons to be taken via Skype.

After five one hour sessions, the technique of teaching Jill has developed results in most adults being able to play interesting pieces hand together, an exciting prospect that spurs students on to commit to regular practice and become accomplished piano players over time.