There are very few choirs for young children currently and Jill is passionate about improving this.

Schools are having to cut down on music and it’s such an important universal language that gives kids valuable skills and it is great fun.

Based at the Holy Trinity Church, N4, we meet on Wednesday evenings weekly within school term time. Our age range is Five – Eight years, however, we are flexible on this and are always eager to meet any young person who wants to sing and have a bit of fun too!

When – Wednesday 4.00pm – 4.45pm (within term time)

Where – Holy Trinity Church, Granville Road, N4 4EL

Who – Any young person of Primary School age (5 – 8) who wants to sing!

How Much – £5 per class

Paid a term in advance. Mid-term enrolment accepted. Concessions available

We are a very friendly inclusive community choir and if money is an issue contact Jill and we can usually accept those who are unable to pay.

There are plans to build an older children’s choir in the near future and an Adult community choir. If you are interested in either please get in touch to register your interest.

Please note that at present Songclub N4 is not running since lockdown and the plan is to create a new choir for KS2 children not far from N4, but to involve a wider community. This in reality will start September or January 2021. If you are interested for you child please get in touch –